About Montage Pet Lodge

Montage Pet Lodge has been serving the Greater Vancouver area since 1978. Our proximity to Portland International Airport makes us convenient for travelers. The Lodge is situated on five acres with five spacious buildings allowing us to board large and small dogs separately. Our feline guests also enjoy their own private building for cat boarding. Your dog will enjoy an extra-large suite which includes a play area and separate sleeping den. For your dog's safety and comfort, we keep all of the dogs separate. 

Committed to Health & Safety 

We have been caring for pets since 1978 with an unbeatable record of health and safety for our guests. Here are the steps we take to keep our facility clean for the health and safety of your pet.

  • Dog water bowls and runs are cleaned using a safe hydrogen peroxide-based disinfecting cleaner.
  • Food bowls are washed daily and dipped in a USDA approved disinfecting solution for restaurants.
  • The humidity is kept low which is the cornerstone of illness control.
  • Climate-controlled heating and cooling system with built in UV sanitation technology.
  • Continual fresh air exchange system.
  • Epoxy floors to protect against germs and bacteria.

Expansive grass field for premier pet care in Vancouver WA

Quality Pet Care
Since 1978
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